K&H Car Seat Saver Gray (KH7852)
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** Cheap K&H Car Seat Saver Gray (KH7852) Information Reviews!

by Peter W. in Category Pets on 2014-09-11 19:52:41, Revised on: 2018-11-20 08:45:48

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K&H Car Seat Saver Gray (KH7852)

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Product Detail:
Name: K&H Car Seat Saver Gray (KH7852)
Manufacturer: K&H Manufacturing
Model: KH7852
Brand: K&H Manufacturing
11.Enjoy traveling with your pet without the worry of rips, tears, dirt or pet hair ruining or staining the back seat of your vehicle. The cover simply loops over the driver to passenger headrests, covers the back seat and floor boards, and loops over the back seat headrests. It also serves as a deterrant for pets jumping in the front seat. There is a convenient pocket to hold leashes, portable water/food dishes, and toys. Made with double-ply 600 denier nylon with a water resistant coating for ext..

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K&H Car Seat Saver Gray (KH7852)

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