Hillsdale Madison Daybed 1010DBLH
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$$ Looking for Hillsdale Madison Daybed 1010DBLH Low Cost in USA

by Peter W. in Category Furniture on 2014-09-14 10:29:03, Revised on: 2018-11-15 05:36:11

Image of Hillsdale Madison Daybed 1010DBLH


Hillsdale Madison Daybed 1010DBLH

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Product Detail:
Name: Hillsdale Madison Daybed 1010DBLH
Manufacturer: Hillsdale Furniture
Model: 1010DBLH
Brand: Hillsdale Furniture
11. Hillsdale Madison Daybed - 1010DBLH Popular combination of wood and iron makes this a great design. Square solid wood posts are combined with black metal grills that feature round twisted wire spindles. Features: Black powder coated grills Walnut finish posts Fully welded construction Heavy gauge tubing and solid bar wire Wood posts are made of sturdy Asian hardwoods Some assembly may be required Mattress is optional; please select box to include in order Dimension..

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Hillsdale Madison Daybed 1010DBLH

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