Brass Hanging Compass 8
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$$ Brass Hanging Compass 8

by Peter W. in Category Home D cor on 2014-09-17 07:21:05, Revised on: 2018-11-15 06:05:10

Image of Brass Hanging Compass 8


Brass Hanging Compass 8

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Product Detail:
Name: Brass Hanging Compass 8
Manufacturer: HMS
Model: CO-0555
Brand: HMS
11. Features: Brass Hanging Compass 8" This Hampton Nautical hanging gimbaled desk stand compass is a solid brass reproduction of an antique sailing ship cabin compass. The compass is mounted on a 360-degree double gimbaled ring system on a heavy brass base. The gimbal ring design allows the compass to remain level regardless of the angle of the base. The bottom of the base is covered with felt to protect your fine furniture. The compass is held up by a solid metal pole and is suspended in the ..

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Brass Hanging Compass 8

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