Ware Premium Chick-N-House (01460)
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#1. Cheap Ware Premium Chick-N-House (01460) Low Price Shipping

by Peter W. in Category Pets on 2014-09-13 09:40:25, Revised on: 2018-11-17 06:33:52

Image of Ware Premium Chick-N-House (01460)


Ware Premium Chick-N-House (01460)

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Product Detail:
Name: Ware Premium Chick-N-House (01460)
Manufacturer: Ware Manufacturing
Model: 1460
Brand: Ware Manufacturing
11. The Ware Premium Chick-N-House is perfect for the whole flock. Finding the right house is important for your own quality of life, so take the time to find the right home for your chickens, too. This chicken hutch is constructed from quality materials such as top-grade lumber, and it's coated with a safe non-toxic stain. The shingle roof is waterproof, so it will withstand outdoor conditions. The Chick-N-House also provides easy access with its hinged roof, two front doors, and..

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Ware Premium Chick-N-House (01460)

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